Advantages of Putting Carbon Wheels on a Bicycle

To cut right to the chase, the one reason why the majority of people look into acquiring carbon wheels for their road bikes, mountain bikes or even triathlon bikes is simple: Speed. Over the years, carbon wheels have become one of the major areas that bicycle owners can improve when they’re trying to get that little bit of extra speed out of their ride – and it is advantageous in this sense in a number of ways.

For starters, carbon wheels are generally a lot lighter than the traditional steel wheels that are ‘stock’ on most bicycles. Because these lightweight wheels are made of carbon fiber as opposed to steel, the reduction in weight will reduce the overall load of your bike and allow you to attain higher speeds.

Additionally, most of these wheels such as Mavic wheels are manufactured with speed in mind. As a result they are a lot more aerodynamic than their steel counterparts too and will reduce the overall drag on the bike when travelling at higher speeds too.

If you’re worried that carbon fiber is less hardy than steel and will end up taking more damage from wear and tear (particularly on road bikes or mountain bikes) – think again! The fact is that today’s generation of carbon wheels are actually more durable than steel wheels and should last longer on average before you need to replace them, especially when if you’re biking in hilly areas or on roads.

Due to the popularity of carbon wheels, you’ll find that for many road bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bikes you can actually find entire bike frames made out of carbon fiber. The advantages of such frames are generally similar and they are mostly designed to provide riders with faster speeds.

Long story short, if you’re looking for more speed then carbon wheels are the logical first step. There are numerous other ways that you can also help make your bike more conducive to high speeds but installing a set of these lightweight wheels is by far one of the easiest and most convenient ways.

Many people also happen to like the look of carbon wheels. Some brands of these wheels such as Mavic wheels have intentionally designed their wheels to look great and make them a ‘cool’ addition to your bike.

Needless to say, all of these advantages do come with a price tag attached and you’ll find that these wheels are generally a little bit more expensive than the present wheels that you use on your bicycle. That being said, it will certainly feel worthwhile when you’re zipping down a road or hill and feel the wind on your face!

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